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SEO and Marketing Booster for WordPress

We provide a plugin SEO and Marketing Booster that let you rule WordPress an easier and better way.

We developed the plugin special for WordPress website who care performance, SEO and conversion rate of your website. The plugin contains function set for modern websites. Firstly, it was created for web design agency WordPress theme but when we share it with another our themes and decide to make it public and free. We send the plugin to the official Wordpress repository, it will be in plugin list soon.

Also, check our catalog of templates for WordPress, especially our popular CCTV Security Camera WordPress Theme.

Plugin Features

  • Added lazy load for page loading speed improvements


    Lazy Load

    Lazy load of images and videos. It helps with your website performance and reach more point in Google PageSpeed Insights test.

  • All plugin features


    Icons Fonts Manager

    Upload your own icon fonts prepared with an app https://icomoon.io/app/ By default Native icon set contain 1000+ icons.

    The module works only for SecretLab themes like Atiframe in shordes for King Composer page builder.

    • Preparing icon font on icomoon
    • Save icon forn on iconmoon
    • Upload icon font
    • WordPress Icons Fonts Manager

    Portfolio Posts

    Custom post type for the portfolio or another content type. You can add your work or case studies to display them in a category or on any page with any page builder plugin like WPBakery, Elementor, Visual Composer, King composer, Beaver Builder.

    Modal Window

    Create modal windows with rules when to appear. You can build modals with drag&drop builder.

    The module works only for SecretLab themes like Atiframe. We preparing an update to allow for any WordPress theme.

    • Modal Window Module
    • Add a New Modal Window
    • Edit a Modal Window in visual editor
    • Modal Window display options
    • Looks on the website

    ABC Split Test

    Create pages and compare the conversion rate with the test tool. It split all advertising traffic to 2-4 pages and then you can measure a result in your analytics system. Read more what is ABn testing https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/A/B_testing

    • ABC Split Test
    • ABC Split Test in WordPress

    Analytics Codes

    Install any analytics and conversion tracking codes. It is just a place you can insert any JS or HTML code.

    • Add Google Analytics Codes to WordPress

    Unlimited sidebars

    Create sidebars and select composer blocks to display any content in any place. Ultimate flexibility!

    • Create a new sidebar in Wordpress
    • Display custom sidebar
    • Select a custom sidebar for the page
    • Sidebar element for King Composer
    • Display custom sidebar on the page in any place

    Page Options

    Convenient user interface tools that save you tons of time! Individual header, footer, slider or image, sidebars for any page.

    The module works only for SecretLab themes like Atiframe.

    Composer Widget

    Composer widget lets you create headers, footers, and sidebars with a drag&drop builder with real-time preview. Turn your page builder for the custom post type.

    • Composer Widget module
    • Edit header
    • Edit sidebar

    Front Editor Page Options

    Smart top bar tabs with page options. Change your SEO, header, footer, slider or image, sidebars in a convenient way!

    The module works only for SecretLab themes like Atiframe.

    SEO Meta

    SEO meta tags tool: setup your titles, meta keywords and description for post types, categories and pages.

More options for SEO and mobile experience are coming!

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